Burning a CD/DVD in Linux

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Burning a CD in Linux is very easy, similar to using a program like Nero in Windows.

[edit] GnomeBaker CD/DVD Writer

You can access the GnomeBaker CD/DVD Writing program under the Applications menu, in the Sound & Video sub-menu.


First you must select between creating a new Data DVD, Data CD, or Audio CD. Choose the type of disc you wish to create, and get started!


You can add files to your new disc by dragging and dropping them into the lower pane. After you are done adding files, click the Burn button in the lower right hand corner. Once the burn is done, your files will be on the disc!


NOTE: If you wish to burn to a CD-RW that already has data on the disc, you must blank the disc before you can burn to it. Select Blank CD-RW from the Tools menu within GnomeBaker.

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