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As of Fall 2008, many students of the CS department have begun to utilize Kate as their primary editor. This is encouraged by many of the upperclassmen and by some members of the faculty as well due to the very programmer-friendly nature of Kate. This is meant to be an overview of Kate's features and some shortcuts that will let you be productive and keep your mind on your code and not your editor.


[edit] Introduction

Kate, or the KDE Advanced Text Editor, is a fully featured text editor that will run on both KDE and Gnome (it has also recently been ported to Mac and Windows via the Qt4 port). By default, Kate gives you an editing window, file browser, and embedded terminal (KDE Konsole) all in the primary window. This allows you to have your documentation open on one screen and your entire editor environment on the other with no clutter. Kate also supports splitting your editing panes several times, so you may have multiple documents open and visible in Kate simultaneously.

[edit] How to Launch Kate

[edit] In Gnome or Fluxbox

Hit Alt + F2 to open the run command dialog Type 'kate' and press Enter


Launch a Terminal Type 'kate' and press Enter

  • Note: Don't close this terminal window or else Kate will close as well.
  • Note: Also, adding the '&' to launch it in the background is fairly useless as Kate subprocesses will take over the current terminal.

[edit] In KDE

Click the KDE menu Utilities -> Editors -> Advanced Text Editor (Kate)

[edit] Preferences

Preferences and Settings may be changed under Settings -> Configure Kate. Within this section you may customize the editors functionality, plugins, and behavior of the text editing pane. Some helpful plugins that are installed on lab computers that you may activate include XML Completion and Validation, Text-Snippets, Python Browser, Make Plugin, HTML Tools, and File Templates. Under the Editor section of the Configuration window, fonts and colors of syntax highlighting may be adjusted, line numbers and code folding can be activated, spaces or tabulators may be chosen and their width determined, and indentation settings may be adjusted per the user's desires.

[edit] Helpful Tools

Kate is packed full of helpful tools that will help you keep your productivity up. Some of these tools include a 'Go to Line' function, case changers, entire block commenting, word wrapping, and much more.

[edit] Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Fullscreen Mode - Ctrl+Shift+F
  • Split Horizontally - Ctrl+Shift+T
  • Split Vertically - Ctrl+Shift+L
  • Show Sidebars - Alt+Ctrl+Shift+F
  • Block Selection Mode - Ctrl+Shift+B
  • Comment - Ctrl+D
  • Uncomment - Ctrl+Shift+D
  • Show Code Folding - F9
  • Show Line Numbers - F11

[edit] End Notes

There is much more that Kate is capable of, explore and enjoy!

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