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[edit] How to access your Linux files from Windows

When you are logged in to the CS domain (for example, in the DH222 lab), you can access your Linux file directory using UNC network shares. This will only work from a computer within the CS network. If you need to access your files from elsewhere, you will need to follow the instructions here: File access from outside the lab

  • From the Windows desktop, click on the Start button and type in the name of the server, \\, and hit Enter


  • In here you will see a directory with the same name as your username. All of your files and folders stored on the CS Linux filesystem are acceessable in here!
  • If you are prompted for a username/password, make sure that your username is entered in the format cs/username (Ex: cs/j345678p). Also make sure that you are using your CS domain password.

You can also create a mapped drive, like so:

  • Open Computer and click "Map Network Drive"

Cslab100.unc.2.jpg Cslab100.unc.3.jpg

  • Select an unused Drive letter, and enter the Folder as \\\username replacing username with your CS Domain username.
  • Check the "Connect using different credentials" checkbox, and optionally the "Reconnect at login" checkbox.
  • Finally, when prompted to enter your username and password, make sure to enter your username as "cs\username" (again, replace username with your CS Domain username) and make sure to use your CS Domain password.

If you are a new student your account may not be active on the first day of class. Please ask for help if this is the case.

Please note the Doucette Lab is available for Math and Computer Science Students only! Accounts are created each semester for students in CSCI 125 or higher, or MATH 200 or higher. All others will not be able to log in.

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