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The Window Manager is the software which controls how the desktop environment looks, feels, and behaves.


[edit] Default Window Manager

The default window manager in our Linux lab is Gnome.

[edit] Changing the Window Manager

To change the window manager, before logging in you can select the Session button and change your preferred window manager. Sometimes this doesn't work. In that case, edit the .dmrc file in your home directory. Change the Session variable to your preferred window manager. A setting of default would set your window manager to Gnome.

[edit] Possible Window Managers

  • default [Gnome]
  • gnome
  • kde
  • blackbox

[edit] Fixing your Window Manager

Sometimes your window manager will get set to MWM (or something else), which may look pretty strange and is missing all the icon's that you are used to. In order to fix this, we need to edit the .dmrc file and set it back to default. Below is an example of a basic .dmrc file that you can use for reference when editing your file.


There is a special command on the CS Linux machines that will do this for you, fixdesktop. Either bring up a command window from your MWM desktop, or ask someone else to use their account for a minute, ssh into the server with the command ssh (replacing username with your CS username), then just run the fixdesktop command, and your desktop will be back to normal.

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